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Questions tagged [shacal-2]

Blockcipher based on the compression function of SHA-256. This cipher interprets the internal compression function of SHA-256 as blockcipher. The key is provided as "input data" and the input is fed into the "old state" whereas the output is the "new state". It supports keys from 128 to 512 bits, has 256-bits blocksize and 64 rounds. The best known attack breaks 49 of those rounds.

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Which is stronger: Threefish 1024-bit, SHACAL-2 512-bit, or AES-256?

I found some App in the Google Store, and there were features only for the PRO version: Threefish 1024-bit and SHACAL-2 512-bit. Meantime, AES-256 was available in the free version of app. So I ...
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SHACAL-2 vs. AES as underlying block cipher for Secure Hash (aka SHA-256)

The hashing scheme SHA-256 (for instance) is based on Merkle-Damgård construction with the underlying compression function based on the block cipher SHACAL-2 configured in Davies Meyer mode. SHACAL-2 ...
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I was reading about hash functions, namely SHA, and I read that it is made of the Merkle-Damgård construction. And then the text said that the compression function used is based on the Davis-Meyer ...
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