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State of the art for Graph Isomorphism

I want to know the state of the art result for proving knowledge of graph isomorphism. As described here, the classical Goldreich-Micali-Wigderson (GMW) protocol is a $\Sigma$-protocol with soundness ...
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How to design a Zero-Knowledge Proof of a message in a certain range? [duplicate]

Given a message $m$, how can I prove that $m$ lies between 0 and 31 without revealing the message using a Sigma protocol? The message is encrypted as: $$c = a^{\beta} \cdot g^m ,$$ where: $a$ is the ...
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Input Delayed Sigma-Protocol

In a Sigma-protocol, the steps are (1) commitment, (2) challenge, and (3) response. In general, the prover has a statement and witness that they can use to compute the commitment step. But in some ...
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