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A family of lightweight symmetric block-ciphers designed for good performance in hardware with block sizes ranging from 32 to 128 bits and key sizes ranging from 64 to 256 bits.

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What are the implications of the new alleged key recovery attack preprint on SIMON?

Just recently, a new attack was published against SIMON-32/64 which claims to also be applicable to other versions of the cipher. The paper, now archived, is titled A Note on SIMON-32/64 Security and ...
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Slide attack: creating an actual attack on the Simon Cipher

I have been reading the Simon Cipher paper. It has the line: "The SIMON key schedules employ a sequence of 1-bit round constants specifically for the purpose of eliminating slide properties and ...
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Proof for collision resistance on a block-based hash

I am designing an unkeyed hash based on the SIMON cipher. This is a follow up to “this” question. A quick summary: I have an ECC engine and the SIMON cipher in hardware, and it’s in an extremely ...
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FHE Block ciphers' usage

There are currently FHE implementation for AES Simon Speck, and may be more. Except for speed testing, amortized or not, one meaningful usage is mitigating form side channel analysis. Intel, AMD, or ...
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different feistel words in key size

I have confusion on Feistel word in key size. Means, "what is the meaning of key size with different feistel word ?" What does m=2,3,4 represent? Where m represent different size of feistel word or ...
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Known plaintext attack on 3 round SIMON block cipher

I am attempting to write a program to perform a linear approximation attack on a reduced round version of the SIMON block cipher, but I am stuck on how to actually apply the linear approximation to ...
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SIMON Cryptanalysis

I'm reading Cryptanalysis of the SIMON Family of Block Ciphers. In Section 3.1, it says: For SIMON, consider an n-bit input difference $\alpha= x\oplus x'$ to $F$ of Hamming weight one. As the ...
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How should we interpret the cryptanalysis results of SIMON and SPECK?

The NSA recently released SIMON and SPECK light weight block ciphers. Although initial spec release did not have much of cryptanalysis details, two works later appeared providing the cryptanalysis for ...
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SIMON implementation, decryption issues

I've been trying to implement the new SIMON block cipher in Ruby as a personal challenge. The spec didn't include a pseudocode version of the decryption but I thought I had it figured out. The code I ...
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What does NSA mean by 'Analyzable'?

Recently NSA published two new algorithms, Simon and Speck. In the abstract they say The aim of SIMON and SPECK is to fill the need for secure, flexible, and analyzable lightweight block ciphers. ...
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