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Skipjack is a 64-bit block cipher developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

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Difference in SKIPJACK algorithms

This is going back a ways... Schneier discusses SKIPJACK at Declassifying Skipjack. Schneier offers a link to a reference implementation at ...
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Is my id obfuscation algorithm secure?

I'm designing an id obfuscation system. My system includes: Embedded chips, each chip has a unique 32-bit address (id). Server Insecure low-bandwidth unstable one-way channels from the chips to the ...
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Do any non-US ciphers exist?

Plenty of ciphers come out of the USA from government research or selection competitions. AES and DES are examples. Are there any public ciphers produced by other states, China or Iran for example? ...
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Clipper chip (SKIPJACK) key exchange protocol

According to the Wikipedia page for NSA (emphasis mine): However, NSA's Fortezza hardware-based encryption cards, created for the Clipper project, are still used within government, and NSA ...
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