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A family of lightweight symmetric block-ciphers designed for good performance in constrained software devices with block sizes ranging from 32 to 128 bits and key sizes ranging from 64 to 256 bits.

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Where can I find a clear diagram of the SPECK algorithm?

Where can I find a clear algorithm diagram of SPECK algorithm? I want to follow steps to write ARM assembly code.
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differential diffusion property of addition in SPECK cipher

I'm studying Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of SPECK paper and I'm having trouble understanding the differential diffusion property of addition in page 19 which is as follows: can someone ...
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What happens at this part in the key schedule of a Speck...?

I am trying to figure out the process behind the Speck block cipher. I understand how XOR works (Exclusive-or) when you take 2 strings of bits and you want to XOR them together. However, in the key ...
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Speck with signed math

I find myself implementing Speck in an industrial controller that only does signed math. What cryptographic ramifications would there be if the Speck algorithm was implemented using signed math?
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Speck32 with low-entropy messages

I'm using Speck 32 to encode a very low-entroy set of bits (so that the messages stay very short) It encodes two numbers: w: 16 bits: but in most circumstances the message is one of only 10-100 ...
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FHE Block ciphers' usage

There are currently FHE implementation for AES Simon Speck, and may be more. Except for speed testing, amortized or not, one meaningful usage is mitigating form side channel analysis. Intel, AMD, or ...
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Security of a simple AEAD construction

Introduction I want securely communicate with a small 8-bit device which has a very limited program program memory (Arduino Uno - 32K). My goal is to minimize code size and RAM usage. There are ...
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Is it secure to transmit a short plaintext with its MAC?

I have a short (32-bit) message that needs to be authenticated. Due to the constraints of my platform, I would like to use Speck32/64 (32-bit block, 64-bit key) with a Matyas-Meyer-Oseas one-way ...
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How should we interpret the cryptanalysis results of SIMON and SPECK?

The NSA recently released SIMON and SPECK light weight block ciphers. Although initial spec release did not have much of cryptanalysis details, two works later appeared providing the cryptanalysis for ...
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What does NSA mean by 'Analyzable'?

Recently NSA published two new algorithms, Simon and Speck. In the abstract they say The aim of SIMON and SPECK is to fill the need for secure, flexible, and analyzable lightweight block ciphers. ...
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