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How to write information in the 32-byte addresses of SLH-DSA?

Dear community, I have a technical question regarding the use of the addresses in section 4.2 of FIPS 205, the NIST standard of SPHINCS+. Taking for example the tree address, we want to copy an ...
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How does FORS: Forest of Random Subsets work?

I saw a post named "How does signing with FORS work in SPHINCS+?" but in the post it seems like no one had explain how does the FORS works. SK: Secret Key, PRF: Pseudo-Random Function I'm ...
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What are the statefulness and signature count limits of SPHINCS+?

SPHINCS+ is an interesting post-quantum algorithm, and I'm curious about what its limitations are. What I know about hash-based signature formats in the past are that you needed to remember which ...
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