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The “secure remote password protocol” is a modern cryptographic protocol for password authenticated key exchange (PAKE). It provides some desireable properties, like a passive eavesdropper being unable to brute-force the password. It is usually used to derive shared session keys from passwords and authenticate users with passwords.

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Implications of TLS-SRP client with improper N validation?

During development of a client side application of TLS-SRP, i noticed a bug that allows an attacker spoofing as the server to send custom, but non-arbitrary $N$ values, with the client accepting them. ...
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SRP on elliptic curves: replacing + and - operations?

I was thinking about how SRP might be used with Curve25519 or Curve448. In this question, Can SRP be used with Elliptic Curves?, the answer is that you can't directly translate SRP to a group that ...
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Question on SRP implementation

I'm comparing the Wikipedia description of SRP to the BouncyCastle implementation and some differences and I want to be sure the BouncyCastle implementation is suitable for my purpose. Wikipedia ...
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