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It is possible to verify the computation of a hash function without actually proving it in zero knowledge?

Let me first introduce the context: Let's say that we have a hash function evaluation: $$h = H(x, y),$$ where $x$ and $y$ are the public and the private input of the hash function $H$, respectively. ...
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Assumptions underlying the soundness of STARKs

STARKs have recently received quite a lot of attention due to their small proof size and supposedly simple assumptions. The paper introduction itself seems to mainly state that their construction is ...
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ZK-STARK soundness

I've been reading about ZK-STARK. There's an example that appears in several blogs. The most detailed explanation of that specific example which I have found so far is in this blog. The description of ...
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Unable to understand Eli Ben Sasson's STARK arithmetization & proof example

This is from this video - Bob has a list of length $10^6$. Bob wants to convince Alice that every number in the list is between 1 & 10. Alice needs to ...
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How can we explain STARK with less math?

I am trying to understand STARK with not much math. I understand SNARK like this: Computation → Arithmetic Circuit → R1CS → QAP → zk-SNARK From the helpful article: ...
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