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Statistical testing is used to estimate the likelihood of a hypothesis given a set of data. In cryptanalysis, statistical testing is commonly used to detect non-randomness in the data, e.g. distinguish the output of a PRNG from a truly random bitstream or to find the correctly decrypted message among several incorrect decryption attempts.

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Odds of false error detection in a randomness test using the chi-squared test?

Common Criteria classifies the requirements for true Random Number Generators, and specifies how these should be tested against failures (these can occur accidentally, or following deliberate attack, ...
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Using machine-learning techniques for data-dependent operations in ciphers

From 'Methods of Symmetric Cryptanalysis' by Dmitry Khovratovich, The data-dependent operations are one of the most controversial design concepts. We say that an operation is data-dependent, if it ...
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Feasible way to check n-dimensional equidistribution of PRNGs

I am currently gathering some test methods and test suites for random number generator qualities, and am a bit stuck at finding something feasible to test for n-dimensional equidistribution. As input ...
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Proving that a PRG is predictable

I am attending the video lectures from Prof Dan Boneh. He gives the following example. Let $G:\mathcal K\longrightarrow \Bbb Z_2^n$ be a PRG with the property that from the last $\frac{n}{2}$ digits ...
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What are the expected values of a particular rotational-XOR property of a sequence of random bitstrings?

Assuming that $x$ is a sequence of $l$ bits and $0 \le n < l$, let $R(x, n)$ denote the result of the left bitwise rotation of $x$ by $n$ bits. For example, if $x = 0100110001110000$, then $$\begin{...
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Infer encoding mechanism from $n$-grams distance?

I have a series of obfuscated strings which across the set of strings have regions of high variance and regions of low variance – implying some encoding mechanism as opposed to an encryption procedure ...
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composition of RLWE distributions

Assume we have the polynomial space $R_q$ defined as $R_q = Z_q/(X^n + 1)$. Additionally, we define the error distribution $\chi$ as a discrete centred Gaussian bounded by $B$. Let $s,t \in R_q$ be ...
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Randomness Test of Permuted Sequence

As we can generate a permuted sequence using KEY in KSA (Key Scheduling Algo) of RC4. Is there any way to check the randomness of the permuted sequence? Let say I created 100 different permuted ...
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How to perform Black box testing of a key exchange protocol?

Though obviously not an alternative for proper cryptanalysis, I was wondering about statistical/black box analysis. Should I produce a new key exchange protocol. With the same shape as Diffie-Hellman: ...
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Definition of a Statistical Test

In Professor Boneh's online Cryptography course at Coursera, I am a little puzzled by his definition of a statistical test where he writes: A(x) = iff |#0(x) - #1(x)| <= 10.√n Now, if – as an ...
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How to use NIST SP 800-22 to check randomness of 128 bits output in AES?

I am trying NIST SP 800-22 to test the randomness of 128 bit output in AES, but i always get igamc: UNDERFLOW or Segmentation fault (core dumped) error. My data file has 128 bit output format, for ...
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Check security of random byte generator

How can I check if the random number generator library that I am using for my app is cryptographically secure or not?
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How were the diffusion statistics for norx calculated?

I was reading the norx specification and came across this section, which provides some kind of statistics about the diffusion of the norx round function. However, I don't see how these values were ...
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