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Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message. While cryptography protects the contents of a communication, steganography aims to prevent others from learning that a communication even occurred.

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Any efficient text-based steganographic schemes?

Sophisticated and efficient steganographic schemes with images as cover are available. However, I wonder: are there any that use texts as cover instead? If one could only transfer a few printable ...
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Perfect Steganography

History contain many example of old steganography. We also have digital steganography. Is there any kind of “Perfect Steganography”, in a sense that only the designer can extract the concealed ...
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How secure is it to use password as AES key?

I am developing a steganography app where user encrypt any file into an audio file. The user can enter a password to protect the hidden data. The same password is converted as a 256 bit key and the ...
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Steganography - How many bytes of information can you hide in a $1024 \times 768$ photo?

I have a photo with a resolution of $1024 \times 768$ which means $786432$ pixels in total. Let's suppose it's a 24-bit color RGB image (so 1 pixel = 3 bytes = 24 bits) and I want to hide information ...
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Determine whether bit sequence is hash?

I would like to know whether it is possible to determine whether a value of for example 256 bit length is a SHA-256 hash or a random, equally distributed value. Is ...
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Maximum steganographic embedding rate not detectable by steganalysis?

When using advanced steganographic methods (like F5) what is the approximate maximum embedding rate when advanced Steganalysis (like a machine learning approach) can no longer reliably detect it? I ...
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Making my steganography code more hard to detect and crack

I'm doing a college project about digital image steganography on MATLAB. So far i've been able to get the help i needed from cool guys on stackoverflow but i now need to make my algorithm more hard to ...
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Is there a cryptographic method to add noise to a plaintext instead of actually encrypting it?

I'm looking for a cryptographic technique that instead of permuting a cleartext, would add noise to the cleartext to obfuscate the true text among a bunch of garbage. For example, a list of 10 ...
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Detecting steganography by analysing non-significant data entropy?

I am not thinking only steganography in images, I think it is also possible to encode data for example into the length of spaces of a clear html text. I suspect, the steganography changes (elevates) ...
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Transfer and hide ciphertext with hash functions?

Can hash functions be used to transfer and hide ciphertext? This somewhat similar locked question, "If cryptographic hashes are completely unique, could they theoretically be used to transfer data?", ...
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How does Syndrome-Trellis Code (STC) work?

Syndrome-trellis code was introduced to minimize embedding distortion in steganography. See this paper: Minimizing Embedding Impact in Steganography using Trellis-Coded Quantization. Background ...
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How can I retrieve data embedded in an image with steganography?

I want to know is there any way to retrieve data embedded in a steganalised image by just scanning the image with mobile scanner? Just like qr code scanning
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