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Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message. While cryptography protects the contents of a communication, steganography aims to prevent others from learning that a communication even occurred.

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Old French Cipher w/ Text Hidden In Drawing

I'm trying to find a cipher challenge I saw a few years back, it was an old drawing (I think 1800's or earlier) with clouds and stars on it and French text was hidden in the image. Does anyone happen ...
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What are ZK and Fusion algorithms in image steganography

in the literature I have found some algorithms mentioned as ZK and Fusion in image steganography. But I couldn't find any detailed information about these algorithms. Could someone please help to ...
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How should we assess the quality of steganography?

I am asking this question instead of extending the discussion of another question (Perfect Steganography). I did try starting a chat room (
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Rating a steganographic system using Blum Blum Shub to locate hidden bits

Currently I'm building a toy steganography system based in a web browser. Besides all the obvious issues with building a system requiring extreme privacy into a browser (this is a toy!), I was curious ...
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Ciphertext indistinguishability under a noisy channel w/ error correction

The objective is to broadcast information over a noisy digital channel (corruption rate of say, 10-20 %, where bits flip). Assume the broadcasting software is public and there is no possibility of ...
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Data integrity using steganographic methods

I am looking for a lightweight and fast (almost real time) data integrity checker for a very time critical application. Is it possible to provide data integrity using a steganographic method, lets say ...
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Is the "grain" in this converted image indicative of Steganography?

I'm checking an image in every way I can for steganography. I've checked the file signature, compared it to it's original source and extracted the pixels, many methods but nothing's coming up. ...
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Why does the image histogram with ASCII text embedded look this way?

I used histogram attack on image with embedded text ASCII(LSB-method) and found the chi square value. All observed frequencies more than expected frequencies, that is tipical for empty image, and have ...
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Can I use steganography to detect data loss that occurs due to gradual degradation in quality in sequential printing of black and white noise texture?

I want to detect original print and a reproduced print. So if I embed some information in this kind of noise texture, after reproducing the original print there might be some loss in information due ...
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How would I make a decoder agnostic steganographic file?

I would like to make a steganographic file that can be decoded on multi-platforms, now & 20 years from now. I don't want to do so with software that may be out of date when the message decode is ...
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How to establish if a string contains a message

If you have a string S, then the string can be composed of four things: cleartext 'random' data encrypted data compressed or otherwise non-encrypted, but modified, cleartext If you want to see if ...
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