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A test vector is a set of inputs used to test new and/or established cryptographic designs and/or implementations.

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Hasty Pudding test vectors

I’ve been implementing Hasty Pudding from its spec, but I can’t find a copy of the test data to validate my implementation against. The directory of tests links to various files in ftp://ftp.cs....
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mCrypton - does anyone know where I can find test vectors or a reference implementation?

I am currently writing an implementation of the mCrypton lightweight block cipher (as presented in this paper). Unfortunately, the authors do not provide any test vectors. I tried to contact the ...
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Test vectors for TLS PRF function

Does anyone know where I might be able to find test vectors for the PRF function in TLS? (either 1.0 or newer). I'm trying to implement a client and I am getting the BAD Record MAC return after ...
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Does anybody have test vectors for the LBlock block cipher?

LBlock is a lightweight block cipher with 64-80 bits block-key size, designed by a group of Chinese scholars. Does anybody have LBlock test vectors? I am looking for test vectors, which contain the ...
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Trouble interpreting CTR_DRBG test vector results

I've implemented a CTR_DRBG random number generator according to NIST SP 800-90A Rev. 1 and I am now testing it with test vectors provided in NIST CAVS 14.3 (drbgvectors_no_reseed\CTR_DRBG.txt). ...
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running Project Wycheproof against crypto implementations in languages other than Java

So I guess "tests crypto libraries against known attacks". It appears to mainly be intended for Java crypto providers but can it easily be adapted to be ...
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Test vectors for FF1/FF3-1

I'm working on a C implementation of the FF1 and FF3-1 format-preserving encryption algorithms, here. For FF1, NIST provides test vectors, here; however, none of the test vectors is crafted such that <...
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ECDSA sign test vectors

I've seen a large set of ECDSA test vectors for verification. In addition, I've seen some test vectors from NIST, and those can be found here. Is anyone aware of ECDSA sign test vectors which, if &...
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Does there exist a test vector for the Xoodoo permutation?

What I need is a set of pairs, where the first element of the pair is a 384-bit input (including the sequence of 384 zero bits) and the second element is a corresponding 384-bit output of the Xoodoo ...
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Using ECC CDH test vectors with ECDH when h >1

I am writing formal tests for a system with a number of crypto requirements including support for ECDSA, ECDH and HMAC. The system is required to support the following EC's: NIST curves P-224, 384, ...
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Test vectors for Piccolo algorithm?

I'm looking for Test Vectors to test my implementation of PICCOLO. I would like to test a different input from the usual where the key and the plaintext are either 000..000 or FFF...FFF. I wrote ...
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CAST-256 (CAST6) versions or S-Boxes

Are there different versions of CAST-256 - also known as CAST6 - available? Are there different S-Boxes available for CAST-256? If there are different versions or S-Boxes what identifier should I use ...
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Where to get AES GCM NIST-like test cases

I'm implementing AES GCM 256 bit at the moment. Now I'm finished with copying the content of the standard as a program and now have to make it actually work. With the test cases in the official NIST ...
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Signature Generation with RSA PKCS#1 v.15

I am trying to validate my RSA implementation for digital signatures with the test vectors provided by NIST. For now, I am focusing on the tests for signature generation (SigGen15) with the PKCS#1 v....
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