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Questions tagged [threefish]

A family of tweakable symmetric block-cipher algorithms with 256, 512 and 1024 bit block and key sizes.

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Can the Threefish tweak block cipher have its fixed 128 bit tweak size extended to match the block size (256/512/1024)

The Threefish tweak block cipher has a fixed size tweak (128 bits) and three different possible key/block sizes (256/512/1024 bits). The MCOE on-line authenticated encryption mode presents three ...
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Can MCOE AEAD mode be modified to work with Threefish tweak block cipher and generate intermediate tags

The MCOE mode provides a really nice way to implement a nonce-misuse resistant AEAD and is based on an arbitrary tweak block cipher. A specific requirement of the tweak block cipher is that the data ...
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Why is Threefish not widely used?

I haven't seen Threefish widely used. For example, I've seen Twofish used in file encryption software, even though it was not standardized, but I've never seen Threefish. Are there security issues?
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Faster cipher than AES256-CBC to use for DRM purpose

I have to develop a program using a "secret" locally stored encoded program for a school project. For this I have to decipher the code on the fly to use it. The project recommend the use of ...
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OpenSSL supports AES, Camellia, ChaCha. How about Twofish, Threefish, Serpent?

If I understood correctly, some symmetric ciphers such as AES, Camellia, ChaCha are implemented in OpenSSL (along with several older ones) but some other commonly used and proven ciphers such as ...
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Some simple questions about tweakable ciphers

I have read a few papers on tweakable ciphers (didn't understand them well, though) and looked at many of the questions and answers on this exchange: What is a tweakable block cipher, Tweakable Block ...
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Is there a real purpose to use Twofish, Serpent or Threefish instead of AES?

I am wondering if other ciphers like Serpent or Twofish or even Threefish have really an use in real life, because AES seems to be very efficient in most situations. But for example TrueCrypt or ...
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2 answers

How to determine which tweak was used

Imagine the following situation: you have a tweakable block cipher you have a plain text block you have a cipher text block you have the key which was used to encrypt the plain text block I have ...
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How to encrypt data with the Threefish cipher

I want to know how the Threefish cipher can be used to encrypt and decrypt. I tried to find out by searching the Internet but can't find a concrete answer. The only answers are theoretical in nature ...
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What is the difference between lightweight tweakable block cipher and tweakable block cipher?

What is the difference between lightweight tweakable block cipher and tweakable block cipher? For example, lightweight tweakable block cipher is SKINNY family, and tweakable block cipher is Threefish ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Which is stronger: Threefish 1024-bit, SHACAL-2 512-bit, or AES-256?

I found some App in the Google Store, and there were features only for the PRO version: Threefish 1024-bit and SHACAL-2 512-bit. Meantime, AES-256 was available in the free version of app. So I ...
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8 votes
5 answers

What encryption should I use: Blowfish, Twofish, or Threefish?

The title of this thread pretty much sums up what I'm asking: what is the best encryption to use out of the three — Blowfish, Twofish, or Threefish?
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Is Threefish the only cipher with 1024 bits of security?

Threefish has up to a massive 1024 bits of security. Is it the only cipher with such overkill security?
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Which symmetric cipher is best for studying? [closed]

I would like to study a modern symmetric cipher (I have never studied a cipher before) and I was wondering which would be the best cipher for studying purposes of the following: AES (Rijndael), ...
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What is a tweakable block cipher?

Pretty simple question - but I can't seem to find much information about it. What exactly is a tweakable block cipher? How do they differ from traditional block ciphers? What is the 'tweak'? Is it ...
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