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A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a secure co-processor found in some PC-type computers that provides cryptographic operations and system integrity measurements.

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TPM - Ecc based encryption / decryption using the public key

Our device comes with a device certificate which was signed with our private registration authority (CA). The private key (type ECC) was generated on the device itself - to be more specific directly ...
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How are RSA and Elliptic Curve keys generated deterministically?

Going through the TPM tutorial: The output of KDF would be some pseudo-random bytes. For RSA, the bytes might not be a prime number. For elliptic curves, the ...
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Secure storage of encryption key in offline device

I'm developing a device where I need to store a symmetric key that the customer uploads to the device. The device is offline at all times, so centralized storage in HSM is not an option. The device ...
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How web browsers and WebCrypto API protects secrets

I tried to search and take a look at a way to securely generate or import secret keys on client-side. First I tried to see if it is possible to take advantage of TPM in Windows but as far as I ...
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What is the advantage of AES key wrap as opposed to adding a random nonce?

I'm interested in methods of wrapping an AES DEK (Data Encryption Key) using AES KEK (Key Encryption Key). Is there an advantage to using AES key wrap as defined in RFC 3394 as opposed to simply ...
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SPI Frame format of TPM1.2 Commands

I have bought a TPM Chip: SLB9670. It can be communicated via the SPI Bus. What is the SPI frame format for firing TPM Commands with or without arguments. I have read the TPM Main Specifications ...
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What is TPMFail attack and what are the countermeasures?

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is designed as a hardware-based root of trust to protect cryptographic keys even against system based adversaries. Although Intel's firmware based fTPM has FIPS 140-2 ...
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