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A famous program that was the de-facto standard for open-source disk encryption for many years. It was discontinued on 28 may 2014. TrueCrypt has undergone some security audits which haven't found severe security issues within the source code.

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How does the plausible deniability used by TrueCrypt work mathematically?

I have been unable to find any mathematical explanations on how TrueCrypt's plausible deniability encryption works, when using TC containers. Would someone be able to provide a mathematical ...
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Why mounting/dismounting an encrypted file container takes only a few seconds?

When the encrypted file container contains 100000 files and 500 GB of data, all of them must be decrypted/encrypted when the container is mounted/dismounted. How can Truecrypt/Veracrypt perform this ...
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Long term storage of encrypted data

Say that I have 16-32 GB of data, and I want to devise a system for storing this data in an encrypted form. This system needs to meet two core objectives: The data needs to remain as pristine as ...
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Just how insecure are VeraCrypt containers encrypted with short passwords?

When I create a VeraCrypt file container using the GUI, it displays a warning whenever I type in a password under a given number of characters. I was wondering just how insecure, in practical terms, ...
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How can XTS be used to detect the presence of TrueCrypt hidden volumes?

According to a thread on the VeraCrypt discussion forum, and a single-post followup, it is possible to detect the presence of a hidden volume in certain conditions due to a flaw in the cryptography or ...
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Why is password recovery so slow for Whirlpool hash, when compared with others?

I'm just curious about why brute force takes so much longer on the Whirlpool hash than it does on the others, as you will see below: ...
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Long Term Security of Truecrypt's hash function?

Does Truecrypt's hash function weaken the security of a chosen cipher cascade? Considering I want to choose a cipher cascade of 3 ciphers for long term security (50+ years) for my archived data on ...
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Why was TrueCrypt Discontinued [closed]

I know this happened a long time ago, but I always wanted to ask this to a professional: Why was TrueCrypt Discontinued? Is it related to this: FBI hackers fail to crack TrueCrypt? And what is the ...
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Order of multiple encryption algorithms

as you can see on image above, in VeraCrypt you can select either Serpent -> Twofish -> AES or ...
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What's the safest TrueCrypt algorithm and hash?

I have an encrypted file container inside my NTFS pendrive. The root folder Write permission is blocked for everyone. A folder inside it has all permissions unblocked. The dummy file of TrueCrypt is ...
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Cryptanalysis and Copying encrypted volumes

I just recently concerned myself with cryptography due to Snowden's revelations and there are a few things I cannot really wrap my head around but maybe you can help me with that. I am not a ...
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HMAC-Ripemd-160 in TrueCrypt

I'm wondering if it is still secure. I know TrueCrypt closed its doors but I continue using it because the cryptoaudit didn't find any huge bugs or security issues in TrueCrypt. But I have a bad ...
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How do disk encryption programs solve the "IV problem"?

I was reading a paper on the "elephant diffuser" used in BitLocker and it got me wondering how other systems (e.g. TrueCrypt before it shutdown) solved the problem the elephant diffuser was meant to ...
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Is TrueCrypt's multiple/cascading encryption safe?

Is TrueCrypt use of cascading encryption safe? Is it useful? TrueCrypt is arguably one of the most popular and widely used encryption applications in use today, yet it seems to use a very ...
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