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U-Prove is a Crypto SDK was developed by Microsoft to support experimentation with the foundational features of the U-Prove technology. It is made available under the Apache 2.0 open-source license, with patent rights granted under the OSP.

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Interactive proof of possession of a signed message

Suppose Alice has a verifiable (message, signature) pair from Cedric, who would not cooperate and routinely uses an algo (ecdsa, eddsa, rsa, or insert yours here) to sign messages. Alice wants to ...
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Revocation in Idemix and U-prove

I read some materials about MS u-prove and IBM Idemix. But according to these materials, the opinion about revocation is different. Some materials say that u-prove and idemix do not provide ...
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How to verify a trusted Issuer in U-Prove

I work with U-Prove. In U-Prove they talk about a trusted Issuer, but I never saw how the trust is verified. The trust is essential, because the Verifier wants to know if the token was created with a ...
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Can a zero knowledge proof (or MAC) be generated from human-typable input?

Edit: My goal is to create a voting scheme that doesn't require a lot of crypto infrastructure to be deployed on the client side. Smartcards, and tokens are impractical for these purposes. I ...
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Can Secp 256 K1 curves "map" to a value on FIPS 186-3 or P-256?

I'm looking at Secp 256K1 vs UProve's FIPS 186-3 or P-256 implementation. Is there any relationship between the curves such that I can consistently "map" or "project" values from one curve to another?...
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What type of groups does Microsoft's U-Prove use (Schnorr... etc?)

I'm trying to learn more about the Subgroups implementation of Microsoft UProve. I'm unsure if they are Schnorr Groups or use a different foundation? Can anyone point me to the technical reading ...