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UMAC is a family of message authentication codes defined in RFC 4418. UMAC supports 32-, 64-, 96-, and 128-bit tags. UMAC uses a PRF, typically instantiated with AES-128, to expand a short key into a long, 1–1.5 KiB, key for a large universal hash family to hash many messages, and encrypts each message's hash with a one-time pad generated by the PRF from a per-message nonce, in Carger–Wegman construction, to form the message's authentication tag.

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How to implement security - authenticity/confidentiality/integrity for 6/14 bits radio messages?

I just took over two radio systems (using 433Mhz) - one communicates with 6 bit messages, one with 14 bit messages. Both have a lots of transmitters and one receiver (and, yes bits not bytes). For ...