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Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet.

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End-To-End encryption for VoIP teleconference applications and many-to-many lag-sensitive applications

There are various protocols that allow you to have privacy-enhanced chat. Those can be either 2-party chat such as: OTR SIGNAL or multiparty chat such as: SIGNAL (n+1)sec mpOTR GOTR (2013 spec and ...
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Packet loss, AES and IV's

I'm extending a VoIP application that uses UDP to transport data. The idea is to use AES to encrypt each audio packet. For each call, a key will be randomly generated. The scenario inclues: Packet ...
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Telegram VoIP key exchange

We've been trying to understand how Telegram's VoIP end-to-end encryption works. Key Exchange Detailed description of the key exchange algorithm is documented on the Telegram website. Here is the ...
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AES-256-ECB to encrypt VOIP audio-stream?

I need to encrypt a live audio-stream that is being sent over the internet. The details are: The stream contains spoken language (VOIP) Only the raw stream is transmitted (no meta-data or container) ...
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Information leakage in real-time voice encryption

I saw some time ago a post discussing the issues surrounding encryption of speech/voice in VoIP and how it can leak information (can't find it now). Can someone provide an insight into some of the ...
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What cipher mode is suitable for independantly decryptable short messages?

I'm building a small VoIP client which transmits encrypted audio data via UDP, and some packet loss is expected, so each packet will need to be decrypted separately even if others in the stream don't ...
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