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WireGuard is a next generation VPN protocol, which lives in the Linux kernel, and uses state of the art cryptography.

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Can you sign messages using Wireguard's keys?

I was wondering if I could use Wireguard's keys to sign messages, and prove authenticity of a node that runs Wireguard with its known public key from other nodes, so that I can use it in a system to ...
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Why is static-static diffie hellman needed in Noise_IK?

TL;DR: Why is there a static-static diffie hellman in the Noise_IK handshake? Hi, I am currently trying to understand the WireGuard VPN protocol. As you may know, it uses the Noise_IK handshake from ...
3 votes
1 answer

What is the purpose of the WireGuard handshake mac1 field?

The mac1 field in the WireGuard handshake messages is populated as: ...
3 votes
1 answer

Digital Signatures with Curve25519 key-pair

I have a public/private key pair of Curve25519 keys used by Wireguard. How can I use this keypair to generate/verify digital signatures? Preferrably, I would like to use EdDSA/Ed25519 but I struggle ...
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Encrypt text message with Wireguard public key

With its public and private key(s), Wireguard looks a bit like PGP. But it is used for encryption of network packets and not normal text messages. I'm on a system with Wireguard already installed and ...
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1 answer

Is the following crypto compatible so that I can use the same keys for both products (Wireguard & Libsodium)?

I am wondering if it is possible to use the public/private keys of two WireGuard peers also in another communication channel using libsodium? According to the WireGuard Protocol documentation and the ...