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An extendable-output function (XOF) is similar to a hash function, but uses the internal state to output a stream of bits instead of a fixed-length octet string.

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Using NIST constructions based on Keccak like cSHAKE128 for other sponges

NIST defines a lot of interesting applications of sponges in FIPS 202 and NIST SP 800-185 like the XOF cSHAKE128 or the MAC scheme KMAC. All this schemes come with a security guarantee and are ...
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Is the security of output of Skein when using arbitrary output size similar to that of SHAKE?

Let's suppose I have a 1MB high-resolution photo and I want to hash and create a 1536-bits key. I know that I could just use SHAKE-256 as its a pre-enginered way for doing that. There is also Skein ...
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Exact security requirements for extendable output functions (XOF)?

In the FIPS202 document "SHA-3 Standard: Permutation-Based Hash and Extendable-Output Functions" an extendable-output functions is defined as: An extendable-output function (XOF) is a ...
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