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Why is the ciphertext output 32 bytes long when i encrypt a 16 bytes long plaintext by using AES-128-CBC

CBC mode requires A nonce ( it was stated as IV for CBC but it is nonce - number used once); so that we can have probabilistic encryption, i.e. even if we have the same plaintext and ciphertext we ...
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Win32 BCrypt AES-EAX Example

Please test against test vectors. You can probably speed it up a bit by encrypting multiple counters at once using a buffer (CTR mode). Splitting the ciphertext is pretty stupid as well, best to ...
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AES vs Serpent - which is more side-channel resistent?

As a rule, ciphers are not vulnerable to side channel attacks but implementations are, as was pointed out in the comments; however, as a someone who does semiconductors first, and then implements ...
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How to generate 24 bytes CMAC using AES-192 or AES-256

You can't. AES only has 16-byte (i.e. 128-bit) block size. The only alternatives would be to use Rijndael variants with wider blocks (the derivation of subkeys $K_1$ and $K_2$ will have to change to ...
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