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A digital storage device that includes a serial number and 'read' counter. Create your document. Store it on the device. Note the SN and read count. If the next person reads the document and the read count is not prior + 1, then they know that it has been viewed.


I know the Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files have mechanisms from executing some code when opened. You could create a routine that calls a URL when opened, and that URL would just be a tracker that logs the number of times the document is opened. There are vulnerabilities. The document needs to have web access when opened. You could have the ...


Version control is really the only solution to this as the document would need to be managed. I would have to say version control over a document is really the only real way to track changes to a file and be able to work off one instance of the document. The reason this is the case is that you need to track state of a document not content. Anything outside ...


As I understand, GCM will also be broken by quantum computing The idea that GCM would be broken is, at best, questionable; it is broken only in the scenario where you allow the attacker to make entangled queries, and is returned entangled answers. That is, for this to be an applicable attack, the implementation under attack must also be a Quantum ...

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