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RAR brute force cracking speed

I'm experimenting using ZLUDA to see how much of my GPU and CPU it will use and speeds atm. curious of results? Zluda is normally meant for image generation, but it takes CUDA and lets AMD gpu's run ...
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What is the current security level of an algorithm?

There are three costs: 1. What is the cost of encryption plus decryption by the intended recipient? 2. What is the cost of decryption by an attacker? 3. What is the value to the attacker / damage to ...
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What is the current security level of an algorithm?

You can read the recommendations from NIST(2020), ECRYPT-CSA(2018), and BSI(2024). They are all decently up to date and give fairly comprehensive recommendations. The report from ECRYPT in particular ...
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Time taken for a brute force attack on a key size of 64-bits

@MaartenBodewes's using the observation that "the key may be either on the lower half or higher half of the key space" to derive the average time is very clever. In my answer, I want to give ...
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