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Info AES cryptanalysis

There are many resources, including here on attacks on AES, which is a vast subject. Here are some pointers. Summary: There are no noteworthy attacks on the full AES. Some attacks with gain over brute ...
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What is the standard checklist for designing a Key Derivation Function?

By definition, one-time pad key must be truly random, not derived by function. So if you have 1MB of truly random data, you do not need KDF function to derive key. And if yo do nout have 1MB of truly ...
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Statistical closeness of distributions and time-unbounded distinguisher

Since we are considering cryptography, we can assume that we have two distributions $p$ and $q$ which are supported on a finite set, say $[n]=\{1,\ldots,n\}.$ Typically $n=2^b$ where $b$ is a ...
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