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I didn't want to delete this question, but it seems like after pondering this for a week I finally understand right when I seek help online. When the ring setting and the rotor position all increase by the same amount, they cancel and so the ring pretty much stays the same. Although the contact points of the ring to the alphabet ring is different, it makes ...


out of 325 pairs to choose 10 pairs, there are 325C10 possibilities to connect pairs with 10 wires. This accounts for the fact that we can not choose a pair that has both letters identical to an earlier pair, but misses that we can not choose a pair that has any letter common with an earlier pair. A correct line of thinking is: imagine that the 20 ends of ...


I think you're looking for the Typex machine. It was developed by the British and it had the major design flaw of the Enigma machine removed, which was the fixed-point-free permutation, meaning that no letter will be encrypted to itself. A Typex simulator can be downloaded on Github (released by GCHQ). Unfortunately I could not find an online simulator, ...


I emailed someone, and it turns out that the rotor positions found by the Bombe are used as the ring setting in the checking machine. Because the ring setting is the "negative" of the rotor position, the indicator drums spin backwards, so that it shows the correct ring setting that corresponds to the rotor positions for the checking machine.

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