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What’s the fastest known Koblitz curve addition law for FPGA that maximizes the per-LUT throughput?

The question is for curve seckp256k1. That's the elliptic curve of Weierstrass equation $y^2=x^3+a\cdot x+b$ in the finite field $\mathbb F_p$ with $p=2^{256}-\epsilon$, $\epsilon=2^{32}+977$, $a=0$, $...
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Why does Diffie-Hellman need be a cyclic group?

Carefully selected (more in next para) cyclic groups $\{g^0,g^1,g^a,..., g^b, ...\}$ are used because in these groups finding the discrete logarithm of a group element is computationally hard, i.e. ...
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