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GSW Homomorphic Encryption

The actual schemes are using $\mathbb Z_q$, but the implementations of those schemes in practice need to be mapped into 0/1 bits. In the implementation, you need to map the field into 0 and 1. In most ...
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Decryption of Naccache–Stern cryptosystem is not guaranteed for large keys

The question's $g$ is not suitable. Try e.g. $g=30359963453720570073793540267704$. I read the question's condition 6 as: $\forall p_i\in\mathcal S,\quad g^{\varphi(n)/i}\bmod n\ne1$, with $\mathcal S$ ...
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fully homomorphic encryption without bootstrapping

Looking at this survey published around the time of your question (Nov. 2022), the "unleveled" (unbounded) schemes described seem to all utilize bootstrapping. This (pre-print) is a paper ...
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