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Does the order of validations and MAC with clear text matter?

I'd always first verify the MAC. It makes more sense protocol-wise, as you are just left with the plaintext values after performing the cryptographic operations. Maybe you want to use a container ...
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Why does symmetric encryption not provide authentication and integrity? Is it only this type of encryption or cryptology in general have this issue?

Confidentiality vs authenticity Encryption aims at transmitting a secret message, maintaining it's confidentiality. It does not necessarily provide integrity or authenticity. That it to say, even with ...
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Signing a file vs. a manifest of cryptographic hashes

Yes, chaining two secure mechanisms like this works, and is considered secure. If you use a secure hash function, an attacker would not be able to provide a different file and keep the manifest as is. ...
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DTLS 1.2 Cipher Suites With AES-GCM – What data (if any) is passed to the AES-GCM cipher as the Additional Authentication Data?

RFC 6347 § states The DTLS MAC is the same as that of TLS 1.2. However, rather than using TLS's implicit sequence number, the sequence number used to compute the MAC is the 64-bit value formed ...
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