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What security problem would cause if I reuse a NIZK proof?

A standard NIZK is publicly verifiable: not only can you reuse it, you could even publish it on your webpage, and let anyone download it and verify it. This does not harm soundness of ZK in any way. ...
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Zero knowledge proof for GCD

Let's use the Kate, Zaverucha, Goldberg (KZG) polynomial commitment scheme to solve your problem. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that we have a Type-1 pairing, i.e., both source groups are ...
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Is it possible to forge valid proofs in this Schnorr signature-based ZKP system for proving knowledge about discrete logarithms?

E.g. let $r\in_R \mathbb{Z}_q$, we can construct a "proof" {$g^v, r$} by taking $g^v = g^r(g^{x_i})^h = g^r g^{x_i h}$ despite not knowing the value of $v$ or $x_i$. That doesn't work. ...
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Threshold encryption

One can build such schemes from lattices, though there is a great deal of nuance that must be taken. The high-level idea of the construction is as follows. The following is true for essentially all ...
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