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Is this theoretical encryption device secure?

Excellent idea Drew :-) Some observations then... I don't think that files can be easily verified as deleted on an SD card. delete("filename") certainly ...
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Compute OTP key if set of plain texts and its set of cipher texts are known

Let $m$ be the number of plaintexts/ciphertexts. Notice that we will get multiple solutions if and only if $\{p:p\in P\}=\{p\oplus \Delta k:p\in P\}$ for some non-zero $\Delta k$. We begin with the ...
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If a stream cipher uses a truly random, injective function, can we get rid of epsilon?

Is understanding correct? No, it comes from the requirement that $|m| > |k|$. Consider this adversary: he picks a random key $k'$. Then, when he gets the plaintext/ciphertext pair $m, c$, he ...
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