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Perfect Secrecy other than One-time Pad

There is a famous result about perfect secrecy, usually called Shannon's theorem: If an encryption scheme has perfect secrecy, then $|\mathcal{K}| \ge |\mathcal{M}|$, where $\mathcal{K}$ is the set ...
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Perfect Secrecy other than One-time Pad

There's computational perfect secrecy and information-theoretic perfect secrecy, and OTP belongs to the latter. If it's well-known information-theoretic perfect secrecy that you seek and is no less ...
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How were one-time pads and keys historically generated?

This procedure, though not entirely random theoretically, did serve as one-time pad generator. At the exhibition, besides many interesting encryption machines, a copy of the book “Achtung Spione” was ...
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