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No, it is not the output size of the PBKDF2. The problem is when you enter an incorrect password the PBKDF2 generates an incorrect key for you with the correct key size. When you perform decryption of the ciphertext, the library will test the validity of the PKCS#7 padding on the plaintext. Since the key is incorrect you will get a garbage message with the ...


PBKDF2 is not reversible using any semi-safe underlying hash function, including for instance SHA1 or even MD5.


So in my case is it safe to use PBKDF2 as hashing tool - to hash any thing like (timestamp+sensitive_info+extra_info) with a SECRET_KEY just similar to hmac? The reason that a Password Based Key Derivation Function or password hash is used is because passwords are generally not considered secure enough. The iterations or work factor of such a PBKDF makes it ...

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