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What is meant by software and hardware implementations of cryptograpic schemes? How to do it?

what is mean by software and hardware implementation? I want to know how its been done. Software implementation is coding the cryptographic schemes/algorithms with a programming language so that it ...
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PRNG to Obtain Random Subset (PORS) Success Probability

Per the beginning of section 6.1 of the paper, this value is equal to $$\frac{kr}t\frac{kr-1}{t-1}\cdots\frac{k-r-k-1}{t-k-1}$$ and as they go on to say: This corresponds to the probability that $k$ ...
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Can someone explain in simple terms how coding part and the algorithm itself, of dilithium pqc signature algorithm resemble here?

Conceptually what is happening with this algorithm is simple, so I will describe that first. To simplify things, I will simply write $a\bmod b$ rather than $a\bmod^+b$ or $a\bmod^{\pm}b$. I'll mention ...
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