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SHA3-256 vs SHAKE256_256 in XMSS and SPHINCS

What is the motivation of choosing SHAKE256_256 instead of SHA3-256 in XMSS and SPHINCS. For Sphincs+ (SLH-DSA), sometimes there is a need to generate more than 256 bits from a single hash operation; ...
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How to use smt solvers in order to restrict the possible key search where a portion of the private key and a portion of the public key hash is known?

search for the public key which then… That's infeasible if we hash public keys that are not chosen according to what's known of the private key. It would require about $2^{160}$ hashes to find one ...
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1 vote

Pre-image resistant but not 2nd pre-image resistant?

Great answers here already! That said, the specific example given in Reid's answer kind of confuses my brain. So, here's a really simple example, to help out anyone else in the same boat. Take any ...
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