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Find unknown primes from two RSA modulus

This can be solved by carrying out exhaustive search on $a$ (the search space is only around $2^{15}$ after all) and applying the bivariate Coppersmith theorem for each candidate value of $a$. As a ...
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Weakness when encrypting using RSA private key?

By Wiener's attack$^1$, RSA becomes completely insecure as soon as $d < n^{1/4}/3$, which is the case in your context (as you use a secret exponent of size $2^{124}$). Some improvements over this ...
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RSA like problem with unknown e and d

If I understand correctly, it's a DLP (Discrete Logarithm Problem) to find that value. I may make it somewhat easier if I try to solve the DLP for p and q respectively, but for ~500 bits, it's still a ...
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Source code of generating private exponent for RSA?

There are lots of things that C and C++ are good for, but readability is - in my opinion - not one of them. C has a simple syntax but requires a lot of code to be able to execute a task (e.g. ...
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What Digital Signature Methods are Suitable for Microcontrollers?

For embedded systems, it's recommended to lean towards ECC instead of RSA because it provides benefits like smaller keys, quicker processing times, and lesser demands on memory, energy, and bandwidth. ...
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