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Extracting a secret from a SHA-1 hashing algorithm

Is there an intelligent way, by specifying different user_input strings and analyzing the returned SHA-1 hash, how an attacker could extract the ...
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Is there a quick way to know the length of a message hashed using SHA3?

No, there is no way to tell the message length from "the last block". Argument: however we define it, said last block is unchanged when we prepend a message with an additional $r$ bits of ...
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Why does HMAC-SHA1-96 need to pad message to a multiple of 160 bits?

AH-HMAC-SHA1 does not add any padding to the message it authenticates; I believe the text you are quoting is in error. One possibility: perhaps the author you are citing misunderstood section
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Does having a known suffix on the input to PBKDF2 make you more vulnerable?

Does knowing the two = bytes at the end of input (which represent the base64 encoding for padding) reduce the complexity of finding all possible collisions for a 24-character input? Since you pre-...
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