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Question of section 1.3 Intuition for Aborting in "Fiat-Shamir With Aborts: Applications to Lattice and Factoring-Based Signatures"

Yes, $sc+y$ is insecure in the full range. This is because inverting $AZ+TC$ to find a valid $Z$ is trivial using standard linear algerbra tools such as Gaussian elimination. However, it's very ...
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Forgeable and unconfidential short-term signature

I see a problem with the wording of this requirement: Private key safety (needed): It should be practically impossible to derive the private key from many plaintext & signature pairs. That's not ...
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js-ethereum-cryptography secp256k1 signature difficulties

I ran into the same issue as you and I found another way around. You can use the JSON.stringify callback to map the stringify the same happens with ...
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Merge two multisignatures

I think it's what you need 《Full Domain Hash from (Leveled) Multilinear Maps and Identity-Based Aggregate Signatures》
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Making signature immune to Colliding Signatures and other threats

This is only a partial answer. It mostly addresses the fact that the proposed solution doesn't work generically. This is done by exhibiting secure schemes so that their composition in the proposed isn'...
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Can a Sigma protocol be transformed into a signature of knowledge through Fiat-Shamir transform?

We know we can get an identification scheme from a sigma protocol where the prover knows witness $w$ for the statement $x = wG$, where $G$ is the generator of some cyclic group wherein discrete-log is ...
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ECDSA Signature R|S to ASN1 DER Encoding question

I stumbled upon this thread while searching for how to convert ASN1 (== DER) to R|S (== P1363) encoding in Java. I am not qualified to answer on the theory but I can provide a software engineer ...
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Multivariate Cryptography: What is the secret oil space in the MAYO signature scheme?

To quote Mayo's paper: To generate a key-pair, a user first chooses a random oilspace by sampling a uniformly random $o$-by-$(n−o)$ matrix $\mathbf{O}$, and letting $O$ be the rowspace of $(\mathbf{O}...
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SPHINCS+ signature calculation and FORS public key

FORS tree index and its leaf node index to be chosen for message signing are the same tree index and leaf index in layer 0 for FORS public key signing as Algorithm 20 in the document above uses the ...
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