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How secure is a file encrypted with GnuPG, a strong passphrase, and the symmetric option?

AES256 will be used by gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.27 for that. It does some iterated and salted key stretching to derive the AES key. So the amount of entropy present in the passphrase is crucial. a secure, ...
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symmetric key generation - random number vs pbkdf2

If you have access to a source of random data, just extract the random data directly. If you're generating the key from a cryptographically-secure source, there is no reason to use a slow KDF like ...
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Safe implicit value validation: $H_k(k \oplus m) \sim H_k(m)$?

Are the following two methods roughly equivalent ways of authenticating that the section of key material $k$ is associated with the section of message material $m$? $$H_k(k \oplus m) \tag{a}$$ $$H_k(m)...
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