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Is AES-CTR mode with predictable IV vulnerable to CPA attacks?

No, it is not. In the CBC mode, the predictable IV works since the first plaintext $P_0$ is x-ored with the nonce/IV and then encrypted $(C_0 = E_k(P_0 \oplus IV)$. The nonce/IV prediction helps play ...
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Asymmetric encryption of the AES key made available along with the ciphertext

in this basic, and probably typical, process It is relatively typical. Usually though the meta-data is not encrypted together with the AES symmetric key. Usually it is wrapped on it's own without the ...
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Shannon's Perfect Security for Asymmetric Encryption

There is no perfectly secured public-key encryption scheme. In the asymmetric world, an adversary is allowed to encrypt a message of its choice using the public key, so it can't be that "that ...
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