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XOR, often written ⊕, is one of the basic operations on bits and bit-sequences. It is a building block of many cryptographic primitives (and some higher-level algorithms, like modes of operations).
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XSalsa20 is a variant of the Salsa20 cipher with a longer nonce.
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XTS is a block cipher mode of operation, which is most commonly used when random accessible data (like a hard disk or RAM) is to be encoded.
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A zero-knowledge proof is a cryptographic demonstration of the truth of a statement such as "I know a number $x$ such that $g^x\mod p =y$", that can be verified by a sceptical party but provides no in…
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Zero-knowledge proofs are an interactive method for one party to prove to another that a statement is true, without revealing anything other than the veracity of the statement.
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