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created yesterday
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The Signal (formerly known as TextSecure) Protocol is an end-to-end encryption protocol developed for the instant messaging software Signal and also used by other software such as WhatsApp.
created Mar 20 at 19:54
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created Mar 17 at 0:32
created Mar 13 at 14:21
created Mar 11 at 17:35
created Mar 11 at 17:35
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Attacks using errors injected at runtime into an implementation of cryptographic algorithms to cause misbehavior that leak information about keys or (plaintext) data, instead of (or additional to) usi…
created Feb 27 at 11:39
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defined in RFC 7519: JSON Web Token (JWT)
created Feb 24 at 0:41
JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) is a generic name for applications that use the JSON Web Signature and JSON Web Encryption (JWS and JWE) standards and derived technology such as JSON Web Tok…
created Feb 24 at 0:15
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JSON Web Signatures specify how to encode binary data along with signatures and metadata in RFC 7515.
created Feb 23 at 23:57
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JWE specifies how to encrypt content and encode associated metadata. It is defined in RFC 7516: JSON Web Encryption (JWE).
created Feb 23 at 23:05
created Feb 20 at 10:00