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Taking advantage of one-time pad key reuse?
161 votes

There is a great graphical representation (which I found on cryptosmith, but they keep changing their url structures, so I've added the graphics in here) of the possible problems that arise from ...

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Is modern encryption needlessly complicated?
17 votes

There is a very easy reason why one-time pads are not always used. It requires information sent before the encryption is set up, i.e. both the sender and the recipient need to have access to the pads ...

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Basic explanation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography?
4 votes

I wanted to add a couple of very handy references. Firstly, there is the self-acclaimed elliptic curve crypto blog (not mine, no self plugging today). But the exact page that I linked you to happens ...

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Are there asymmetric cryptographic algorithms that are not based on integer factorization and discrete logarithm?
1 votes

There is also the knapsack cipher. But using it well it even more challenging, as it is known that the knapsack is in some way breakable (which is unknown about the more general knapsack problem).

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