Mark Mutti

Hi, I’m Mark and I’m an engineer. This isn’t a Technology-Lovers Anonymous meeting, but I owe you the truth about my love affair with technology.

I’m a web, audio and web-audio guy born and raised in Los Angeles and I’ve been obsessed with audio since 4 or 5 years old. That’s been expressed through doing live sound, DJ work, podcasts, my own project (below,) dabbling in radio and of my newest hobby, ham radio (KM6DTC here.)

Me at 13-14 years old

Engineering Philosophy

To me, being an engineer at heart means assessing the tools you have to work with and producing the best possible results. Sometimes that takes research, sometimes trial-and-error, but I’ve noticed the engineer skill set can be applied to just about anything, and all of my super-hobbies seem to incorporate it on some level.

Many of my interests involve fitting multiple moving pieces together to produce a desired result. It makes my brain happy.

  • Photography: Choosing the right lens for a shot. Finding the balance between ISO, aperture and shutter speed to create a great photo.
  • Technology and computing: Setting up the right hardware and software to build an amazing system or service.
  • Amateur radio: Using the gear available to hear and make distant transmissions, and being prepared for emergencies.

This, in my humble opinion, embodies my philosophy on engineering. It’s a skill set that can be applied to just about any situation from “what could be wrong with my car?” to “how should I build this shed?”

Work - Linux (usually Fedora-based like RedHat Enterprise or CentOS) - Front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery) - Back-end development and databases (PHP, MySQL, Bash scripting) - Automation: Replacing headaches with automated processes run on drama-free systems - Amazon Web Services: Using EC2, S3, CloudFront and Route 53 to do some pretty cool things


ShoutDRIVE is a dance music website and live audio channel (“internet radio station”) I channel my ambitions into. We broadcast from our new studio in Los Angeles 24/7 and I can be heard on the channel from time-to-time. Oh and check out our iOS app!