Hi~ I'm Valen Cheung.

I've started to learn programming since I was 12, when I read a Java programming book in my school library and programming became one of my hobbies. It is fair to say Java is my mother language XD. I don't like programming in IDEs like eclipse and MSVS because they're too bulky, because of this I extracted the C command line tool cl.exe and the required files. I'd rather keep things simple.

Then I got more interested in programming as I wrote more code, and I often got myself in reproducing/rewritten some nice programme into Java, like Game Of Life Simulator written in Swing, a styled text editor like notepad++ (it's fun that notepad++ was actually originated from a Java version @@). I learnt more about programming when I was implementing those ideas/projects. For example, learning batch and shell script for convenient init and compile and exec codes. C/C++ when I need to write some natives library. And the best language at all time, Python, just because of its simplicity.

Currently working on Android Apps (maybe I started it too late because of addicting in playing games XD), and want to create an automaton app which can follow script in Python. It's certainly a hard work because I don't like to use the Android Studio, but I'm sure that it is fun and clean writing code with only editor and SDK.

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