I'm a middle school highschool student and a moderator on Quantum Computing SE.


Right now, I'm especially focused on reading about spontaneous parametric down conversion and am working on an experiment related to that - I've finished building a TEA laser, and am working on obtaining the crystals and other optics I need. I've recently finished the ideal half of a quantum computer simulator I'm working on - please feel free to try it out (it's on my github)! I'm working on adding stuff that will simulate noise and decoherence in the qubits.


I always enjoy learning new things about Python - I've started reading recently about machine learning. I also read a lot of Tolkien (I'm working on a paper comparing Durin and King Arthur), sci-fi, and mythology - I'm currently reading through the Discworld books (just finished Sourcery and starting Wyrd Sisters soon).

Support beta sites and area 51 proposals =)

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