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Cristian Rivas Gómez
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Solid knowledge of React and Spring frameworks. Working on an ecosystem of microservices interconnected by REST APIs and message queues.

My day-to-day basis consist on designing, testing, building and deploying to production inside an agile company with strong devops culture leveraging top recommended software development methodologies of the industry: Trunk Based Development, TDD, CI, CD, code reviews, dev/stg/prod environments, etc...

I make heavy use of Datadog for monitoring production software and business KPIs, Jenkins, CircleCI and GitHub for CI/CD, Docker and Docker Compose for containerization and Jira for team management.

As mentioned previously my expertise is backend development with Java (Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Web, Spring Data, Spring Security, MySQL, Mockito, Amazon AWS...) and web and mobile development with React and React Native (SCSS, Redux, Hooks, Jest, react-testing-library, Cypress, ...).

In the past, before working for companies, I have been mastering Java for several years and especially been learning different mobile development languages and frameworks: one year with Angular for web development, another one with Angular and Ionic for mobile development, one year with native Android development on Java, 6 months with native iOS development with Swift and 6 months with Flutter for multiplatform development.

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