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What is universal composability guaranteeing, specifically? Where does it apply, and where does it not?
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The different guarantees of security In security proofs, you have several guarantees that you can obtain on the security of a protocol. The most famous are maybe the following: game-based security ...

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Simulation-based proofs and universal composability proofs
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My goal is just to complete Mikero's answer, notably on that part: Also, I would be most grateful if you should show me example proofs in the UC framework. The shorter/easier the better, just so I ...

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Is it common/valid to hardcode an element of a language into a simulator?
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In fact I got confused for no reasons (thanks Michael): we can just define two hybrid games (we just sketch the proof here): in the first game we replace the $\textsf{Proof}(k, (d, r))$ ($r$ is the ...

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Differential privacy what does "where the probability is taken over the randomness used by the algorithm" mean?
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So here $\mathcal{M}$ is, as you wrote, a "randomized mechanism", so it means that for one entry $D$ it can output different values. For example, you can imagine that on entry $D = 1$, $\...

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