I am most satisfied when I can solve a difficult problem, something nearly impossible. As a programmer, I highly prefer C++ and I like simple solutions, whenever possible. For me, correct design is the core for every development. If the design is poor, I enjoy refactoring of the code. I like working on a low level of abstraction, but controlling the hardware manually is too much. I rather solve practical than theoretical problems and I am glad when I have a motivation to save a lot of means by proper design. I have won Czech Mathematical Olympiad and had 99 and 100 percentile in Czech comparative tests from analytical thinking and logic although I think that the test questions had flaws. I solve problems in consequences, so I do simple tasks more slowly than the others, but as a result, the time is usually saved in the end. Quite often I see that things are done completely wrong and I have problems with others ignoring my constructive criticism. In other words, a lot of people think 2 steps ahead instead of questioning 1 step behind, I do the latter and it usually leads to unexpected simple solution. I don’t want to work in a company where is the applicant/employee judged by his education, because despite the fact how terrible the schools nowadays are, compared to the possibilities of self-education, I still see education requirements quite often. For me, the public school studies for the engineering degree and onwards are only a waste of time and money. I have been and I am in contact with many big companies and I see what I assumed – that the processes in majority of these companies are terrible and that the inner structures are hierarchical instead of responsibility-based - so the work in a big company has big trade-offs for me.

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