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Igor Kroitor
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I am a software / web developer with 15+ years of experience in the following:

  • developing software, designing and programming with Asm, C/C++/C#, ObjectiveC, Java, ECMAScript (JavaScript / ActionScript / Flash), Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, Python, Erlang, Haskell
  • design and coding with CSS/(X)HTML(5)/XML
  • system administration and Unix/POSIX-programming for FreeBSD, Linux, shell scripting
  • any types of backend/frontend pairing including PHP/Perl/Python/JavaScript over Apache/nginx/Node.js
  • multiple database platforms including (My)SQL/noSQL, MongoDB, etc...
  • developing FLash/MXML/Flex-applications
  • web-design and UI/UX speciality
  • Microsoft APIs, including WinAPI, COM, .NET, etc...
  • TCP/IP networking and developing server applications
  • Internet / networking protocols security
  • cryptocurrencies, altcoins, blockchain technology, scalability
  • financial analysis and trading automation
  • game development (including Massive Multiplayer Online Games)
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