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Maxim Egorushkin
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I believe in making the world better by building powerful yet simple and robust software.

My main interests are quantitative finance, machine learning, computer science, software engineering.

I have used only Linux for development and production since 2004. My development environment is emacs, my desktop is KDE Plasma.

The programming languages I have been using most are C++, Python, JavaScript, bash and Linux command line tools.

I started programming with Basic followed by Z80 assembly language when I was 10 on a Russian clone of ZX Spectrum 48k. That CPU was less powerful than an average microwave clock today, making it more challenging, and, hence, more rewarding to program in the most efficient way possible. At age 16 I started with Intel 386 assembly, followed by C, then C++ at 21.

I am extremely enthusiastic about Linux and open source. As well as using modern technology for privacy of data and communications, decentralization of money creation and financial institutions, transparency and undeniable verification and/or accountability, direct democracy.

My open-source projects:

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