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How to convert exponents and group operations to gates in arithmetic circuit

I am following Vitalik Buterin's article to study zk-SNARKs recently. I can understand the main procedure of zk-SNARKs when given example equation x**3 + x + 5 == 35. However, in cryptography, most ...
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Matrix multiplication circuit

I am trying to understand which operations are computable by an $\texttt{NC}^1$ circuit. However, I am struggling to understand whether there is such a circuit for multiplying a matrix with a vector ...
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Can a 3-coloring for a graph be represented as a circuit?

I was looking at a layman explanation for zero-knowledge proofs in zk-SNARKs here. The idea there is that if one knows a solution (3) to a question (find a value of ...
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How to compare two field elements in Arithmetic Circuit?

Given two field elements as input of Arithmetic Circuit (consists of adding gates and multiplicating gates only), how could I output the bigger one? Or, how to place the gates in order to distinguish ...
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How to compute the absolute value of a float number using only addition and multiplication (or using an and-xor circuit)?

Hi I am trying to calculate the abs or a float number $x$, however, I want to apply this operation when $x$ is under fully homomorphic encryption (typically CKKS ...
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Arithmetic Circuits to R1CS. Do we consider addition gates or not?

Here is Ariel Gabizon's Blog for the process of converting Arithmetic Circuits into R1CS - Here, he writes We assume multiplication gates have exactly two ...
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Conditional Boolean circuits

I have two questions I couldn't find straightforward answers to after many searches. (1) We can perform 2-party MPC over arbitrary functions using Garbled Circuit. To do that, we first need to convert ...
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How are arbitrary boolean gates constructed in homomorphic encryption using only addition and multplication?

I've recently become interested in homomorphic encryption, specifically how boolean gates are constructed to do arbitrary circuit arithmatic on the encrypted data without decrypting it. I have heard ...
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reason of using $y=0$ result in ABE for arithmetic circuits

In Boneh et. al.'s ABE scheme (,, the result value for the arithmetic function is selected ...
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