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Questions tagged [gimli]

Question related to Gimli : usage, security, cryptanalysis.

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Does the security proof of HMAC somehow change if it's instantiated with sponge-based hash functions with small rate and large capacity?

HMAC was introduced in [1], as a MAC that has its security proof based on the properties on the underlaying hash function. The hash functions considered in that paper were ones based on the Merkle-...
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How to fix the issue with Gimli full permutation distinguisher?

A new paper "New results on Gimli: full-permutation distinguishers and improved collisions" has been published stating a full 24-round permutation distinguisher with a cost of $2^{64}$ and ...
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Provably secure way of expanding permutations

Gimli is a 384-bit permutation that makes use of an internal 96-bit permutation which works on columns. Every 4 rounds starting from the 1st a "small swap" is performed and every 4 rounds ...
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CSPRNG for Contract Bridge (RAND_MAX = 0xAD55E315634DDA658BF49200)

Some background information: In contract bridge, there are 0xAD55E315634DDA658BF49200 (just under 2^96) possible bridge deals. Since the 1990s, bridge deals for major tournaments were generated on ...
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